The solution
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Function brief:

1. The line equipment including: closed type hydraulic machine 1, 400T closed double shaft punch 1, feeding manipulator 1, feed conveyor 1, connecting rod type mechanical hand 1, over 1 sets of conveyor belt, three dimensional mechanical hand 1, receiving 1, 1 set console.

2. automatic line adopts automatic feeding (need to be filled in material in advance), after the oil, cleaning and positioning, the feed manipulator will push the product into the feed conveyor belt;

Through the conveying and positioning, the rod is sent to the hydraulic press mould by the connecting rod type manipulator, and the press mould is pressed at the same time and the product is carried to the over conveying belt;

Products on the conveyor belt conveyor and over again to the three dimension mechanical hand gripping position by three dimensional stamping manipulator to be sent to the position of the mould, punch after three dimensional stamping manipulator grasping in turn backward feeding, until the completion of stamping products will be transported to the receiving station, artificial material receiving, the whole line the end of production.

Automated solutions for tensile stamping connections

Major advantages:

1. instead of manual operation, reduce the risk of punching to operators, improve safety factor and save manpower.

2.24 hours of continuous work to improve efficiency, Cycle Time 6-20 pcs/min (the lowest speed of a production line press equipment).

3. high stability, reduce the impact of fatigue on product quality.