The solution
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Function brief:

The 1. line equipment including: single shaft type punching machine 5 sets, 1 sets of 1 foundation plate (customer owned), 1 sets of connecting rod type stamping manipulator, machine 1 sets of feeding material, a material collecting station 1 sets, 1 sets of main electrical cabinets 1.

2. automatic line using a single material feeding way, after positioning sent to the conveyor line end position, the connecting rod type mechanical hand picking piece to the first punch mould, while the product behind the punch die in order to work backward handling, punch after connecting rod type punching machine to grab hands again after feeding.

Hardware stamping solutions

Major advantages:

1. instead of manual operation, reduce the risk of punching to operators, improve safety factor and save manpower.

2.24 hours of continuous work to improve efficiency, Cycle Time 8-11 pcs/min (speed according to product weight, shape and punch spacing).

3. high stability, reduce the impact of fatigue on product quality.