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Control system

The movement control card collection machine position sensor signal was calculated and analyzed after the corresponding output command to control the action of the operation according to the preset program robot, because of the closed loop control method which makes the coordination of movements and the stability and the accuracy is quite high. The robot control card comes with an independent memory card. The utility model can save nearly 2000 groups of action procedures, and greatly saves the gap time of the customers to replace the product technology, thereby improving the output.

Run action Brief

1. The lower sheet is placed on the stacking platform of multifunctional mechanical hand, and the feeding mode without stopping is adopted;

2. multi-function manipulator from the stacking device automatic feeding, separation and oil, and then sent to the mold;

3. multi-function manipulator equipped with double tension detection device, to ensure that each feeding is a sheet;

4. After the first stretch is completed, the first four axis robot takes out the product and passes it to the next process;

After 5 and second plastic operations are completed, second four axis robots take out the product and pass it to the next process;

6. third cutting edge after the completion of third sets of four axis robots take out the product and transfer to the finished product conveying line;

7. the personnel can take out the product from the finished product conveyor line, carry on the inspection or the packing, thus realizes the automated production and the management;

8. all hydraulic press, punch and robot adopt joint control system, unified operation, accord with human engineering.